Housing Webinar

Event date: 29-06-2022


What can you expect from Expat Mortgages Webinar? 

We open our digital doors at 17.00 and start at 17.15 with a short presentation, covering the basic steps of buying a house. We start by answering if you are eligible for a mortgage and what the bank will look at. We also look at different mortgage options, giving you a couple of simple formulas to calculate the maximum borrowing capacity and monthly costs. 

We further talk about the importance of buying agents, independent notaries and tax advisors. After a 30-40 min presentation, we look at all individual questions and answer them live. The workshop ends around 18.15 -18.30 and if you still have any remaining questions you will be given the opportunity to schedule a new meeting.

I agree that my data will be stored and processed by Expat Mortgages B.V.for the purpose of providing me with information about the company’s services, along with the possibilities I have regarding obtaining a mortgage, by e-mail or phone.

Speaker: Richardo Cruz Fortes


Richardo was born and raised in Amsterdam, but he also has Cape Verdean roots. Both his parents were born on the Cape Verdean Islands.

He is happily married to Nihal for already 12 years and they have 2 daughters: Zahara and Tamar and 1 son Zaki.

He was first working at Rabobank as a mortgage administrator, but with the time he wanted to develop more and move to the next level – consultancy. That is why he decided to join the team of Expat Mortgages in 2010 and since 2011 Richardo is an acknowledged mortgage consultant.

Richardo is very passionate about his job and the people (clients) he gets to meet every day. Richardo’s motto is: “We do not have problems, we only have challenges and each challenge requires the right tailor-made solution.“

In his spare time he likes to play (watch) soccer and spend quality time with his family and kids.