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Tuesday 17.01.2023

Housing webinar with Alicia

Join this webinar and get a step closer to obtaining a mortgage and buying a property in the Netherlands.

Starting 17.15 Online

What can you expect from Expat Mortgages Webinar?

We open our digital doors at 17.00 and start at 17.15 with a short presentation, covering the basic steps of buying a house and obtaining a mortgage. We start by answering questions regarding eligibility and what the banks look at when applying for a loan. We also look at different mortgage options, giving you a couple of simple formulas to calculate the maximum borrowing capacity and monthly costs.

We further talk about the importance of buying agents, independent notaries and tax advisors. After a 30-40 min presentation, we look at all individual questions and answer them live. The workshop ends around 18.15 -18.30 and if you still have any remaining questions you will be given the opportunity to schedule a new meeting.

Alicia van Schijndel
Alicia was born in 1995 in Spijkenisse, but since she grew up in Rotterdam and mastered their rather weird language, you can consider her a real “Rotterdammer”. She recently even bought her very first own house here, close to De Kuip (the home base of her first love: Feyenoord). It’s easy to find Alicia there, cause if you spot something pink you'll know where to find her, as she lives by the motto “be a flamingo in a flock of pigeons”. She joined Expat Mortgages in 2019 and has not regretted a single second of it. As your Mortgage Consultant in Rotterdam/The Hague area and presenter of Webinars/Seminars she’s always fully energized to guide you through the process and make it as smooth (and FUN!) as possible for you!
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