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Alicia van Schijndel

Mortgage Consultant

Alicia was born in 1995 in Spijkenisse, but since she grew up in Rotterdam and mastered their rather weird language, you can consider her a real “Rotterdammer”. She recently even bought her very first own house here, close to De Kuip (the home base of her first love: Feyenoord). It’s easy to find Alicia there, cause if you spot something pink you’ll know where to find her, as she lives by the motto “be a flamingo in a flock of pigeons”.

She joined Expat Mortgages in 2019 and has not regretted a single second of it. As your Mortgage Consultant in Rotterdam/The Hague area and presenter of Webinars/Seminars she’s always fully energized to guide you through the process and make it as smooth (and FUN!) as possible for you!

After working hours (aka dancing in the office) you will find her spending time with her loved ones, cuddling her cat, watching sunsets at the beach or educating herself by reading books and taking part in different courses. It’s all about balance, ‘cause she has some degrees in law and the financial branch, but also as an MUA, in Cambridge English and recently mastered her Reiki 1 & 2 and NLP Practitioner. She believes this is not only for her knowledge, but also to inspire and connect to others. She is adventurous, courageous and always in to celebrate her highs, but also here to face her lows, learn the lessons and truly embody them.

Speaking of balance, she either loves to practice yoga headstands or push her boundaries in a kickbox training. Her obsession with the Moon, 11:11 and her miraculous manifesting mindset on one hand and her sarcastic sense of humor, Sudoku talent and (not so) guilty pleasures on boybands and Harry Potter on the other hand, makes her friends always call her a “spiritual bunch of chaos”. Maybe that’s where we hit the core: all is seen, all is heard and all is welcome. And so are you!

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