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Cheho Man

Administrative Assistant

Cheho was born and raised in Amsterdam. Living in ‘The Pijp’ of Amsterdam feels almost like living in a small town because of how closely you get to know your neighbours and immediate surroundings.

To satisfy his curious nature, Cheho has done all kinds of different jobs in the past, including but not limited to selling wigs in a hair shop, selling skis in a sports store, working in a bakery and even being employed in an optician store. Cheho got in touch with Expat Mortgages because of his graduation internship for his studies in the field of Financial Services Management. After graduating he will have all nine WFT-certificates. Besides his internship at the company, he also works for the company doing administrative tasks as a separate function.

In his free time, Cheho enjoys traveling, going out and having dinner with friends and family. While he enjoys watching all sorts of different sports, he has been a fan of tennis for almost 15 years. He is drawn to the sport due to the individual-technical aspect of the game, much like an engineer developing solutions for separate problems, one’s strategy and tactics must vary for each opponent. Cheho enjoys hitting the gym once in a while but you can just as easily find him on the couch watching movies and playing video games.

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