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Emre Akbulut

Mortgage Consultant

Emre Akbulut, your Expat Mortgages Advisor in Zuid-Holland

Emre was born in 1989 in The Hague and still lives there to this day. The Hague, the city behind the dunes is known worldwide for its position in peace and justice. He lives there with his wife Emel and their two sons Selim & Sinan.

After studying Chemical Technology at the Hague University, Emre worked at a petrochemical laboratory for 5 years before deciding to make an entry into the financial sector. He joined Expat Mortgages with the ambition of becoming an advisor and slowly, but steadily this goal was achieved. The best part is that he experienced the process the same way as Expat Mortgages clients do – starting with the first meeting department, then working in administration and now proudly taking the role of Mortgage Advisor.

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