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Thursday 16.11.2023

Housing webinar with David Ocampo

Join this webinar and get a step closer to obtaining a mortgage and buying a property in the Netherlands.

Starting 13.05 Online

What can you expect from Expat Mortgages Webinar?

We open our digital doors at 13.00 and start at 13.05 with a short presentation, covering the basic steps of buying a house and obtaining a mortgage. We start by answering questions regarding eligibility and what the banks look at when applying for a loan. We also look at different mortgage options, giving you a couple of simple formulas to calculate the maximum borrowing capacity and monthly costs.

We further talk about the importance of buying agents, independent notaries and tax advisors. After a 30-40 min presentation, we look at all individual questions and answer them live. The workshop ends around 14.15 -14.30 and if you still have any remaining questions you will be given the opportunity to schedule a new meeting.

David Ocampo
David has been raised by an Argentinian father and Dutch mother in the city center of Amsterdam and he knows all about the city and neighborhoods. So if you have any questions about the city don’t hesitate to ask them. After studying marketing communications and many different jobs that had nothing to do with this he found his love for mortgages in 2015 when he got to work as an account manager for a mortgage bank. Working since 2017 with expat mortgages he became an experienced consultant with creative solutions to sometimes difficult cases. Next to working with Expat Mortgages David is also an elected politician for the Amsterdam South area, representing an area of 140.000 citizens. In his spare time he can often be found on his boat at the “Vinkeveense plassen”
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