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How we work
Working together is key in the Expat Mortgages’ philosophy.
Together with you we will draw up an inventory of the risks involved when taking out a mortgage.
The first meeting is free of charge.
We will advise you on products that match your profile and personal situation.

– Mortgages. Our aim is to make sure that the loan taken out to finance your primary residence matches your situation and financial capabilities.
– Life insurance/ term life insurance/ death risk insurance
Insurances that pay out if someone dies.

If you hire us to arrange your mortgage, you can expect:
1. All communication and most of the documentation in English
2. An inventory of your current situation
3. We will discuss the risks involved and discuss which ones are acceptable to you and which ones you may want or need to insure
4. We will take your financial situation, such as the 30% ruling, into account
5. We will inform you about the different products available and their terms.
We will discuss the risks and return on investment when applicable.
6. We will base the mortgage advice on your profile as a client, investor and your experience with the different financial products available.
7. We will help you filling in all documents and check all offers and policies accordingly.
8. We will guide you through the process of any medical check if applicable.
9. With regard to your tax return for the provisional income tax rebate: we will refer you to specialist tax advisor. Expat Mortgages will pay for the first two year’s provisional rebate filing.
As a house owner you will need to file for your annual tax return every year. This will be on your own expense.
10. Mortgage advice plus most documentation and contracts in English.
11. We will be present at the notary’s office for the final appointment to sign the official deed of transfer and the mortgage deed.

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