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What is a mortgage?

In basic terms, you take out a mortgage from a mortgage lender as a long term loan to make payments on a property.
The mortgage lender has the option of taking possession of the property and selling it on if the mortgage repayments aren’t made. This is so that the lender doesn’t lose money as they would be making it back from the property sale.
Any time you take out a mortgage, the loan is then split into two aspects. One of which is the interest , which is what the lender charges for lending the money. The other is the capital, which is the actual amount of money used to purchase the property.

What is a mortgage broker?

Mortgage brokers are specialist mortgage providers who will look for a suitable mortgage product on a client’s behalf in order to ensure they get the best possible deal.
Fees and success rates vary from one broker to the next.
Expat Mortgages works with a fixed fee, see ‘conditions of service’ (koppeling)
A bank will charge a fee when you would go direct without a broker. When using a broker you don’t pay the bank a fee for getting a mortgage loan with them, you only pay the broker.

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