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Thursday 28.09.2023

Housing webinar with Michel

Join this webinar and get a step closer to obtaining a mortgage and buying a property in the Netherlands.

Starting 17.05 Online

What can you expect from Expat Mortgages Webinar?

We open our digital doors at 17.00 and start at 17.05 with a short presentation, covering the basic steps of buying a house and obtaining a mortgage. We start by answering questions regarding eligibility and what the banks look at when applying for a loan. We also look at different mortgage options, giving you a couple of simple formulas to calculate the maximum borrowing capacity and monthly costs.

We further talk about the importance of buying agents, independent notaries and tax advisors. After a 30-40 min presentation, we look at all individual questions and answer them live. The workshop ends around 18.15 -18.30 and if you still have any remaining questions you will be given the opportunity to schedule a new meeting.

Michel Kion
Michel Kion your Mortgage Advisor for Haarlem and the Haarlemmermeer Michel was born and raised in Haarlem. About 12 years ago he met his wife Michelle and they decided to buy a house in Hoofddorp. They still live in that same house today, but as a family of four. Scott is 4 years old and Kate was born on August 4th, 2022. Michel started his career in the financial industry at Rabobank many years ago. After several back and mid office jobs he decided he wanted to speak to the customers himself. He has worked as a mortgage advisor for the last five years and has decided he’s never going to change jobs again. The last two years were at Expat Mortgages and here he got to combine his love for foreign languages with the job as mortgage advisor and it has made it even more enjoyable. Outside of working hours he loves to spend time with friends and family, grilling and slowcooking meat on the BBQ and he’s an avid Padel player. Michel is always up for a chat, and among friends and family he is known for sharing useless snippets of “wisdom”.
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