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Thursday 01.06.2023

Housing webinar with Richardo

Join this webinar and get a step closer to obtaining a mortgage and buying a property in the Netherlands.

Starting 17.15 Online

What can you expect from Expat Mortgages Webinar?

We open our digital doors at 17.00 and start at 17.15 with a short presentation, covering the basic steps of buying a house. We start by answering if you are eligible for a mortgage and what the bank will look at. We also look at different mortgage options, giving you a couple of simple formulas to calculate the maximum borrowing capacity and monthly costs.

We further talk about the importance of buying agents, independent notaries and tax advisors. After a 30-40 min presentation, we look at all individual questions and answer them live. The workshop ends around 18.15 -18.30 and if you still have any remaining questions you will be given the opportunity to schedule a new meeting.

Richardo Cruz Fortes
Richardo was born (in the early eighties) and raised in Amsterdam. All though he has Cape Verdean roots (both parents) he feels himself to be a real “Amsterdammer”. Besides that, Richardo is an AJAX supporter as well. As a real “Amsterdammer” is acquired to do he added more culture in his life when he married his wife Nihal with Moroccan roots. They have 4 children; two girls Zahara & Tamar, and two boys Zaki & Taha. Richardo joined Expat Mortgages in 2010 as an Administrative Assistant and made career for himself within the company. Richardo is Team Lead of the area The Hague/Rotterdam, but also responsible for the Sales department and since recent date also Partner. Richardo has a great drive to elevate the client journey and the services Expat Mortgages provides. Richardo welcomes you to watch/attend one of the monthly Webinars/Seminars so he can take you on the journey of buying a house in the Netherlands.
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