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Partners Programme

Expat Mortgages Partners Programme is designed to assist our business partners, such as companies and organizations, in helping their employees buy property in the Netherlands and create their homes here in the country. The program offers several benefits and services to make the housing process smoother and more cost-effective for employees and partner organizations.

Benefits of the Expat Mortgages Partners Programme

You’ll enjoy an array of exclusive benefits:

  • Special €250 euro Discount Fee: One of the central features of the Partners Programme is the special discount fee. Expat Mortgages offers a reduced fee for its services to partner organizations and their employees. This cost-effective approach can help the partners save money while ensuring that their employees receive expert assistance in securing mortgages and finding suitable housing in the Netherlands.
  • In-House Sessions: The partner program includes in-house sessions, which are personalized workshops provided by Expat Mortgages’ experts. These sessions can take place on-site, online, or hybrid. They are 50-60-minute events that include presentations and time for individual questions. They are guided by a dedicated team of advisors who know the organization well.
  • Help Desk Sessions: These sessions can take place on-site at the partner organization’s premises or online. They are relatively short, around 20-30 min. During these sessions, employees can receive guidance on mortgage options, the Dutch housing market, and any other related questions they may have following the InHouse informative sessions.


The Partners Programme is a collaborative effort between Expat Mortgages and partner organizations. It aims to streamline the buying of a house process in the Netherlands by providing them with expert advice and support in securing mortgages and finding suitable housing. The special discount fee and in-house and Help Desk sessions make this program an attractive option for organizations looking to enhance the expatriate experience for their employees in the Netherlands.

At our core, we believe in the power of companies working together to make a difference. Join our Partners Programme!

Would you like to become a partner, or have any questions? 

Do you have any questions or wish to learn more? Please don’t hesitate to reach out.

Contact Person: Elitsa Zalevska Email:

Phone: 020 717 3908

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