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Adrianta Wardhana

As an expat, we have to deal with a lot of uncertainties and anxiety because we are not familiar with the rules and the spoken language. For buying properties, since we have to spend a lot of money, it certainly raises more uncertainties and a lot of questions Richardo and his team help us to explain the risk of buying a property in the Netherlands and answer all our uncertainties and anxiety with an English language from the beginning until even after we receive the keys of our house. The amount of money you have to pay might look a lot in the beginning but after you have overcome all the processes, you will know that the amount of money is nothing compared with the difficulties that you have to face. I would surely recommend expat-mortgage to all expats who want to find a house in the Netherlands or even only want to get the information as I believe they have done a very great job by successfully helping me to own the house that I dream of.