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Alessandro Grande & Christina Rocca

After we have been working for 4 years in the Netherlands, my wife and myself decided to buy a house in The Hague. Even if we could get everything arranged on our own, we wanted a professional help to avoid surprises. That’s the moment we discovered the services of Expat Mortgages. After the first talk to Richardo it was clear to us that he could be the right choice. Through his services we got the best interest rate on the market and useful tips during the entire process of buying our house (including contacts to arrange Notary, financial appraisal, etc..). Due to the fact that Richardo advised us upfront on all required documents, our mortgage has been approved very fast (less then 3 weeks!!!). Moreover, it was a pleasure to make use of his professional experience and his customer oriented (and friendly) approach. I would strongly recommend to everybody to use Expat Mortgages services.