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Audrey & Tim Reilly

Our story is possibly one of the most pivotal in the journey of Expat mortgages as we are their very first customers! We first met Chris and Henk back in 2005 , after a friend recommended Chris to help us with our financial advice. Immediately we all got on very well and we knew we could trust them with our financial future! They were both so friendly and helpful. We used to spend so much time with both of them, as our search for a home in Amsterdam went on for almost 2 years! Even despite us being incredibly fussy, they were very patient and supportive of us. Finally at the end of 2006 we found our dream home and by then Chris and Henk felt like extended family , and we all celebrated the success of us finally finding a wonderful location to live. Chris also helped us out with estate agents and through his network they found us the house. After a lot of conversations with us, it inspired them to work further with more expats, like us, on their quest to find a home and financial security within the Netherlands. And EXPAT mortgages was born…..and the rest is history. I would recommend them and their agency to everyone. They are both highly experienced in their jobs and offer a high service and a very personal service. So much so when we need their advice Chris has came to our home at out of office hours and help advise us over all these years. We want to thank both Chris and Henk for all their time and help over the years. They have given us countless hours of advice and laughs. Both of them have a love of football and drumming which both of us have as well. Chris not only gave us advice on the financials but inspired Tim to take up drums and on what kit to buy! We wish them and the agency the best for the future!