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Bratislav Zivadinovic

After three years living in the Netherlands I decided it was the right time to buy my first property. After visiting several houses for months I found a house that fully met my requirements, after negotiations I had a deal on my hand. I thought that in the same manner how I found my house I would be able to find a mortgage, but it is not as straight forward as it seems, it should not be underestimated the time and effort that buying a house takes. I wanted help and contacted several mortgage advisors, Expat Mortgages stood up from the rest. From the first call I noted the professionalism and personal attention they provided. Expat Mortgages understands well the situation and the needs of a full time working expat in the Netherlands; moreover they are flexible enough to make sure the whole process goes smoothly without sacrificing valuable time without loosing sight of the timeline and objectives.