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Emily Muyaa

So, sometime mid 2017 I started entertaining the idea of purchasing my own home. Before I knew it, I was seated with a very helpful Maikel Ros from expat mortgages talking about the possibilities, etc. And then…I relaxed again. One day in October I contacted expat mortgages again and Maikel returned to my offices, again provided me with all the information I needed, all the time being so patient; explaining and re-explaining the process. And then in November 2017 I decided to finally purchase a house. Well, it was really that simple and all this was due to the great assistance by expat mortgages who made me feel comfortable enough to go through a rather difficult decision quite smoothly. I still tell this to my friends, “expat mortgages makes the process of buying a home so simple” and when they ask why exactly, the most practical reason (of course minus their professional advice) is that after I purchased a home, finding someone to clean it was even more difficult than the process before then keep up the good job expat mortgages, and thank you Maikel for your professionalism and guidance.