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Ivan Shubin

I was advised from my real-estate agent to use services of Expat Mortgages. At a first appointment we noticed how highly professional they are. Our adviser was Richardo Cruz Fortes and he clearly explained us all the benefits and pitfalls of every type of mortgage as well as all benefits specific to expats. We didn’t really believe that we could get all the described benefits because all my dutch colleges were scaring me with all bad stories about mortgages. But in the end we actually got much more than that. We were surprised with the fact how easy it is to take a mortgage as an expat. During mortgage process Richardo did everything in order to decrease payment for us at every step. I was also amazed how quick he was in response and how detailed were his answers to all my questions. For all my friends I will always advise to use Expat Mortgages. Thank you very much for making our dream come true.