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Jakob Kemper

We started our endeavor to purchase a house with an expat home purchase information event about 6 months prior to our target move date. Expat mortgages had organized this event together with a notary and 2 estate agencies. This already gave us great clarity on the process and on how the budget would approximately shape up. We arranged an appointment with Expat mortgages and Wouter was a great partner in the process from that moment on. In parallel we also had a kickoff with a local mortgage consultancy for reference but it became clear quickly that Expat mortgages provided the better service at a very comparable price point. Providing all documents in English and being responsive to all questions and generating a number of financial models convinced us that Expat mortgages would be the right choice. We combined their services with a regular Dutch realtor (not Expat specialized) and it worked out perfectly for us. The process functioned as smoothly as possible and having the financial guidance from Expat mortgages (Wouter) every step of the way also facilitated the work with the realtor. We ended up getting our dream home just as planned and would always recommend working with Expat Mortgages.