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Jeff Riley

When I began the process of making the decision to buy an apartment in the Netherlands, I knew nothing of what would be involved. I was in fact a bit intimidated with the aspects of purchasing something in a country where I was not fluent in the language. Learning a language is difficult enough, let alone learning to read legal documents in that language. I began investigating and came across Expat Mortgages. Every dealing I had with Maikel, from emails to meetings, was highly informative and extremely helpful. He took the time to accommodate my busy schedule, explain every detail, and answer my hundreds of questions. He really made the process less stressful and completely successful in the end. I can’t stress enough how obvious it was to me that for Maikel, this was more than just a job. He really cares about helping expats achieve their goals pertaining to buying a house or apartment here. To anyone reading this and considering using the services of Expat Mortgages, I would highly recommend it. I have no idea of the other members of their team, but I would also highly recommend Maikel. He went above and beyond every step of the way. Thanks again for all your help!