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Exceptional – That’s how i’d describe Expat Mortgages in a single word. I was looking to buy a house in Amsterdam after having lived here for a few years and navigating the buying/mortgage process seemed almost as complicated as building a Rocket Engine by myself. I engaged their services before I started. During the introduction call, Mira (my mortgage advisor) described the process of buying the house in a clear manner and gave me a very accurate estimate of the mortgage I could receive. Once I found a place I liked, I was navigated through the buying process (so not just the mortgage) and my mortgage was fixed up in less than a week thanks to the efforts of Mira and Robert. Everything was a breeze. I would highly recommend Expat Mortgages to anyone that feels overwhelmed or intimidated by the house buying process in the Netherlands. They make it super easy and transparent. So engage their services so that you stop making your current landlord/lady rich and put that money into an investment for yourself