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Neelima Surandranath & Naren Singh

After living for a while in Netherlands when we thought of buying our own place in Amsterdam, Expat-Mortgages was our first choice for expert advice on property market, mortgages, and buying process. With tons of questions, we met Chris â we not only found him extremely knowledgeable and professional but really friendly who understands the questions/concerns/hesitations of being a buyer in foreign land. Chris guided us for sealing the deal. He patiently explained every sentence in Dutch purchase deal contract, suggested different types of mortgages plan and finally to understand the tax activities involved. He was present at each step to provide us with confidence and knowledge. We highly recommend Chris and Expat-Mortgages team for their professionalism, competence, and extra mile attitude for helping their clients for their specific needs. Thanks Chris and Expat-Mortgages!! Neelima & Naren