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Pavel Zalevskiy & Elitsa Lyubenova

We would like to express our big gratitude to Expat Mortgages and Maikel Ros in particular. Our process of buying a house was not an easy one, and if it wasn’t for great help, overwhelmingly fast reaction and amazing support from Expat Mortgages we wouldn’t be able to accomplish this! Arranging our mortgage through Expat Mortgages was the greatest thing to do and for sure their commission was paid-up 2 times by the end of the process. Maikel is a very professional, extremely knowledgeable expert that also gave us a sense of confidence which is extremely needed in the process of taking the mortgage! We are very much looking forward to meeting with Maikel again to do a follow-up on how things are going as the services Expat Mortgages provide go far beyond the mortgage itself!