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I attended an Expat Mortgates seminar in early March 2020 in Amsterdam a couple months after moving to the Netherlands. I found it very useful and signed up to be contacted. I was contacted as arranged and due to the pandemic and difficulty finding work there were delays in our ability to buy a home right away. Expat Mortgages was very good about following up so that when it became the time to get serious, Ralf was really great to help in every step of the way…from a really thorogh intake, to obtaining all the necessary documents and helping us understand and leverage the available funds we had. He made great recommendations for additional services and we believe had our best interests in mind to find the best terms for our mortgage. After the offer was made and excepted I was very impressed with how smoothly it all went and have to thank the experts and their experience for helping us source our new home in Almere. I highly recommend Ralf van Arkel at Expat Mortgages if you are looking to buy a home in the Netherlands and seek professional help.