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Uwe Strohmeier

Moving from Germany to the Netherlands it was extremely difficult to get to know all the details in order to make a decision to buy a house. Even it is a neighbor country the rules are so very different. At the early stage, after moving I visited a seminar from Expat Mortgages Team organized by the Expat Center Eindhoven (thanks for organizing that). From the very first moment I felt in very good hands and felt I can really trust the team. They explained all 4 parts which belong together. Makler, Finance Advisory, Notary and Tax. That was the first session in 2017 and that event triggered the thought process of “hey, that sounds doable for me, as well”. Then after I got my permanent employment I visited the seminar again and it was as inspiring as before. Especially, since I knew Roy Schreurs from the first meeting we easily got in touch and set up a meeting at my place. As said before I trusted the team and Roy and Joyce 100% (and still do). After that initial meeting, all went very smooth and professional, we also had a lot of fun when we met and discussed options. But I really want to emphasize that the trust was for me personally the most important aspect. Needless to say that Roy responded very promptly and professionally all the time which is very important because sometimes you have a decision window of only a few days. So, we found our dream house, got lucky that we got it and all was handled very smoothly and we did not have any headaches. In fact, since we felt in good hands we even reached out to their insurance team for a couple of insurances for house, car, etc. I honestly can recommend Roy and the team from Expat Mortgages. Roy is always welcome to visit our house for a cup of coffee. Thank you, Roy.