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Belinda Van Staden

Customer Success Specialist

Belinda was born and raised in the capital of South Africa – Pretoria.

As a youngster, she almost never helped her parents in preparing food of any kind, but she mostly observed.

During her late teens, she started experimenting with cooking and baking giving her imagination free reigns, and to her own surprise it became second nature – she knows she can do it. No challenge is too big or too small.

She matriculated in 2011 and went straight into the catering industry. Managed the Holiday Inn in Cape Town for a year and then started her own business in the catering industry.

Together with her husband, she immigrated to the Netherlands in 2021. He is in the IT business and she decided to pursue a totally different direction. She is very glad to be employed by Expat Mortgages because “There is a new horizon for me”. She is happy and eager to learn and further her career in Mortgages.

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