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Chloée Huvelin

Mortgage Consultant

Chloée is an enthusiastic mortgage consultant employed at Expat Mortgages, situated in the lively city of Amsterdam. Having been born in France but raised amidst the meadows of South-Holland since the age of four, she has cultivated a fondness for both countryside nature and the vibrant energy of cities.

Having lived abroad for a brief period, Chloée has acquired a talent for adaptability and a passion for discovering new destinations. Amidst the excitement of exploration, she also finds happiness in the simple comforts of her home while enjoying a warm cup of coffee.

Away from her role in guiding clients through the intricacies of mortgages, Chloée indulges in life’s simple joys. Whether it involves impromptu city excursions, losing herself in the pages of a captivating book at a cozy café, or swaying to the rhythm of salsa and bachata music, she believes in maintaining a balance between work and leisure.

For those seeking mortgage guidance or simply wishing to engage in conversation, Chloée extends an invitation to reach out. Together, let’s navigate your mortgage journey and perhaps create cherished memories along the way.

She looks forward to connecting soon!

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