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Digna Lambrichts

Social Media & Customer Succes Specialist

Digna was born in 2001 and raised in a town called Stein. Currently she is studying Communication and Multimedia Design in Maastricht. She takes care of the social media platforms of Expat Mortgages. Primarily Instagram and Facebook.

When she’s off work, she is usually spending time with her loved ones. Whether that’s going on a picknick, driving around, going for a drink or hiking/going for a walk with them. While doing all of that, she loves to take pictures of everything. “For the memories” is what she says then.

On top of that, she absolutely adores sunsets and immediately goes outside when she sees one through her window. Sunsets are moments she loves to spend with company, but also appreciates as a little “me-time”. A small moment to reflect and appreciate nature.

A cup of coffee in the morning, or as the Swedish would say, a “Fika” moment, is something Digna truly cannot go without.

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