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Kenneth Leenders

CEO & Partner

My name is Kenneth Leenders. Born on the 6th of August in 1989, on the Island of St. Martin and currently living in the wonderful city of Amsterdam.

Ever since I can remember I have been fascinated by people. Every single person is unique, and finding out what makes them unique is something that gives me energy and motivates me in everything that I do. Whether I am practicing different kinds of sports during my spare time, meeting new people in any kind of social environment, or trying to bring both our business and our people to the highest level.

Today, as the CEO of Expat Mortgages, I get to work with a group of amazing people that each have their unique set of skills (some skills even yet to be discovered!) and make our company what it is today.

By providing (tailor-made) mortgage advice to expats (internationals) looking to buy a property in the Netherlands, our team is constantly working towards the goal of making our customers “feel at home”.

The promise that I make towards our people is that they are our “#1”. This will lead to the highest level of service that we can provide, because happy people make happy customers!

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