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Roy Schreurs

Mortgage Consultant

If you’re an expat looking to arrange a mortgage to buy a home in Eindhoven, Breda, Den Bosch or Maastricht, then you need to get in touch with Roy Schreurs.

Roy was born and raised in Roermond, a town of 60.000 habitants in the south of the Netherlands, exactly in between Eindhoven and Maastricht. Since 1998 he has been working in the mortgage business in two large banks and one independent label. On 1st November 2017 on he joined Expat Mortgages and he is responsible for the south of the Netherlands and will professionally guide you to the buying and mortgage process if you wish to buy a house in, for example, Breda, Den Bosch, Eindhoven or Maastricht!

Since joining Expat Mortgages in 2017, Roy has helped many expats based in the south of the Netherlands realise their dream of owning a home. He has in-depth knowledge about the housing market in the south of the Netherlands and an extensive network of contacts who he is able to call upon to help answer any questions raised by his expat clients when looking to arrange a mortgage. As an independent mortgage advisor, his focus is on finding the best deal to suit your circumstances and requirements.

Roy likes to spend his free time with friends, his son, and the two biggest hobbies in life are (offpiste) alpine skiing and music. If there is any time left, then he also likes to travel within Europe or go for hikes in the weekend in the Eifel or Ardennes, which are very nearby his hometown. Especially with some good food and drinks afterwards (the southern Burgundian lifestyle).

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