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Thomas van den Bosch

Mortgage consultant

Thomas was born in the City of The Hague, and he now lives in Leiden. As a student, he graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Dutch Law. His childhood dream was to become a lawyer. After his bachelor’s law study, he was ready to work and didn’t want to study for another 4 to 7 years. In his previous job as a mortgage acceptor, he came in contact with mortgage advisors, and he thought, “Hey, those people are like the lawyers of someone’s financial situation; that’s what I want to do.” Four years later, his readjusted dream became a reality.

What motivates him is that his clients can make well-informed decisions, and he can help make it possible to buy their dream home.

When he’s not at work, he likes to go to the gym for fitness. His hobby, in which he is knowledgeable, is brewing beer. He does this at home, and for this, he turns the whole house upside down.

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